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Shape Of You Essentials

It’s safe to say that Ed Sheeran made the right decision when he chose to keep Shape Of You for himself as opposed to pitching it to other artists (Rihanna was one that he had in mind). Released as one of two lead singles from his 2017 album, ÷ (Divide), Shape Of You has gone on to become one of the biggest hits of Sheeran’s career, peaking at #1 on almost 50 charts throughout the world.

So what is it about the song that made it so successful? Among the many factors are its numerous hook centers, engaging narrative, and especially the clever fusion of the familiar and the atypical, which enables Shape Of You to easily connect with a wide audience while standing out from many of its contemporaries.

Shape Of You Deconstructed takes you on a deep dive into the myriad of songwriting and production techniques that contributed to the song’s global success.

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What is the difference between PRO and Essentials?

Think of the PRO Report as the novel and the Essentials Report as “Cliffs Notes”.

PRO Edition

Utilized at by the music industry and universities around the world, the PRO Report provides a deep dive into the what, how and why behind a current chart-topping hit. These exceptionally comprehensive reports feature a combination of impartial data and insightful analysis illustrated through charts, graphs and notation, and provide readers with an in-depth understanding of the hit songwriting and production techniques involved in crafting the song.

A PRO subscription includes the monthly PRO Report, the Essentials Report, the quarterly Genre and Trend Reports, access to the IMMERSION searchable database and the IMMERSION trend module.

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Essentials Edition

The Essentials Report is a streamlined version of the PRO Edition developed specifically for the individual songwriter, producer and music industry professional. Key points and insightful analysis are illustrated through charts, graphs and commentary, providing you with an understanding of what made the song a hit at the compositional level.

An Essentials subscription includes the monthly Essentials Report, the quarterly Genre Report, and access to the IMMERSION searchable database.

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