Who's Writing The Hits? Q3-2012

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76 SONGWRITERS, 21 TOP 10 HITS & a NEW “Hit Songwriting Champion”
One writer scores FIVE top 10 hits on the Pop Songs Chart

Who’s Writing The Hits gives well deserved recognition to the top Pop songwriters of the quarter, spotlighting the top collaborative partnerships, the #1 hit club of Q3, a breakdown of every top 10 hit with the songwriters who crafted them and much more.

In this edition you’ll learn:

  • Which songwriter dethroned Dr. Luke as “Hit Songwriting Champion” after a two quarter reign.
  • Which songwriting teams stood out from the pack based on overall chart performance and superior craft.
  • Which collaborative partnerships yielded the most top 10 hits during the quarter (hint, they both center around the new “Hit Songwriting Champion”).
  • Which four artists/groups DID NOT receive a writing credit on the songs that they perform.

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