Who’s Writing The Hits? Q2-2012

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Dr. Luke Tops the 86 Pop Hitmakers of Q2-2012
Delivers 5 Top 10 Hits for 5 Artists on the Pop Songs Chart

“Who’s Writing The Hits – Q2-2012”
gives well deserved recognition to the top Pop songwriters of the quarter, spotlighting the top collaborative partnerships, the #1 hit club of Q2, a breakdown of every top 10 hit with the songwriters who crafted them and much more.

In this quarter’s edition  you’ll learn:

  • Who the key players are when it comes to crafting today’s top charting Pop songs.
  • Which collaborative partnership yielded five top 10 hits during the quarter (hint – it doesn’t include Max Martin this time around).
  • Which song featured 10 credited writers and which featured only 1 (hint – his real name is Adam Richard Wiles).
  • Which artists DID NOT receive a writing credit on the songs that they performed.

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