Who's Writing The Hits? Q1-2012

21 Hits, 98 Songwriters and a NEW “Hit Songwriting Champion”
Find out who the top Pop songwriters were in Q1-2012!

“Who’s Writing The Hits – Q1-2012” gives well deserved recognition to the top Pop songwriters of the quarter, spotlighting the top collaborative partnerships, the #1 hit club of Q1, a breakdown of every top 10 hit with the songwriters who crafted them and much more.

In this edition you’ll learn:

  • Which songwriter became the new “Champion of Hit Songwriting,” dethroning Max Martin after a year long reign.
  • Which two collaborative partnerships yielded three top 10 hits during the quarter (ok – one was of course Max Martin and Dr. Luke, but can you name the other?)
  • Which Pop sub-genre had double the amount of average credited songwriters per song.
  • Which artists DID NOT receive a writing credit on the songs that they perform.

Read the report to find out the answers to these questions and much more!

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<div class=”exerptTextHits” style=”padding-bottom:20px;”>This report provides you with a concise review of the characteristics and attributes that drove the twenty one top 10 songs that landed on the Billboard Pop Songs Chart during Q4-2011. </div> <div class=”exerptText”> •  <strong>The “Model” Hit Pop Song:</strong> See what the “model” hit Pop song looked like based on the top attributes of all 21 top 10 hit Pop songs during the quarter. •  <strong>Song Structure:</strong> A detailed look at key components that shaped all 21 top 10 hit Pop songs including intros, outros, choruses, bridges, pre-choruses, form and more. •  <strong>Song Attributes:</strong> See how key attributes shaped the top hits of the quarter including sub-genre influences, lyrical themes, lead vocal gender, primary instrumentation and more. •  <strong>Trend Watch:</strong>  Key trends that affect today’s hit Pop songs including Sub-Genres, Lyrical Themes, Lead Vocal Gender and Instrumentation. •  <strong>New Arrivals Vs. De-Charted Hits:</strong> See what’s in and what’s out based on the elements and attributes of the songs that entered the top 10 for the first time during Q4-2011 and the songs that were in the top 10 in Q3 but didn’t make it into Q4. •  <strong>The Hit Makers:</strong>  See who the top songwriters were and the hits they were involved in crafting. •  <strong>The #1 Hit Club:</strong>  All of the songs that hit #1 on the Billboard Pop Songs Chart during the quarter. </div>