The One That Got Away Deconstructed

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Released as the sixth single from massively successful Teenage Dream album, The One That Got Away was written by the crème de la crème of current hit Pop songwriting – Katy Perry, Dr. Luke and Max Martin, and possesses all of the “hit” qualities that you would expect these collaborators to bring to the table.The core attributes of the song include a strong storyline with engaging lyrics, memorable, infectious melodies, perfect structure and of course, a huge payoff for the listener in the chorus.

Some compositional highlights of the song include:

  • The super-infectious chorus comprises over half of the song’s total composition (more than any other Katy Perry hit off of Teenage Dream)
  • Even though the intro is just 3 seconds long and consists only of solo drums, it immediately hooks the listener in and acts as the song’s unique “identifier,” making it immediately recognizable the second you hear it. There were only three other top 10 Pop hits in 2011 that kicked off with the drums.
  • Two distinct sub-genres are perfectly blended under one roof, a straight-up teen Pop nature that defines the verses and the Dance vibe that defines the chorus.
  • The “Katy Perry Factor” was in full effect, enabling the song to stand out as unique in the current Pop genre.

Check out the full report for more interesting findings and to see how all the elements came together in catapulting The One That Got Away to the top of the charts!

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