Less Partying, More Loving In Top 10 Hits: Q1-2012 Pop Trends

The first quarter of 2012 yielded some key shifts in hit songwriting Trends that went into shaping the 21 top ten songs landing on the Billboard Pop Songs Chart during the quarter.

Amongst the categories most affected were primary instrumentation (the lone synth isn’t as popular as it once was,) lead vocal gender (men – you have some company,) lyrical themes (a lot less partying and a lot more loving going on,) and most of all, primary sub-genre influences (“fusion” is now the name of the game more than ever – sorry, “straight-up dance!”)

Read this report to see what’s in, what’s out and where things are going in regard to how today’s hit songwriters are crafting today’s top charting songs!

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<div class=”exerptTextHits” style=”padding-bottom:20px;”>This report provides you with a concise review of the characteristics and attributes that drove the twenty one top 10 songs that landed on the Billboard Pop Songs Chart during Q4-2011. </div> <div class=”exerptText”> •  <strong>The “Model” Hit Pop Song:</strong> See what the “model” hit Pop song looked like based on the top attributes of all 21 top 10 hit Pop songs during the quarter. •  <strong>Song Structure:</strong> A detailed look at key components that shaped all 21 top 10 hit Pop songs including intros, outros, choruses, bridges, pre-choruses, form and more. •  <strong>Song Attributes:</strong> See how key attributes shaped the top hits of the quarter including sub-genre influences, lyrical themes, lead vocal gender, primary instrumentation and more. •  <strong>Trend Watch:</strong>  Key trends that affect today’s hit Pop songs including Sub-Genres, Lyrical Themes, Lead Vocal Gender and Instrumentation. •  <strong>New Arrivals Vs. De-Charted Hits:</strong> See what’s in and what’s out based on the elements and attributes of the songs that entered the top 10 for the first time during Q4-2011 and the songs that were in the top 10 in Q3 but didn’t make it into Q4. •  <strong>The Hit Makers:</strong>  See who the top songwriters were and the hits they were involved in crafting. •  <strong>The #1 Hit Club:</strong>  All of the songs that hit #1 on the Billboard Pop Songs Chart during the quarter. </div>