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Hit Songs Deconstructed is a must read
for all Music Industry Professionals.

Utilized by songwriters, producers, music industry professionals and universities throughout the world, Hit Songs Deconstructed is dedicated to providing its subscribers with an in-depth understanding of the craft and trends that shape TODAY’S chart-topping hits for success in TODAY’S music industry.

For less than $13 per month, you’ll receive 24 in-depth reports offering actionable insight into what’s shaping today’s hit songwriting landscape.

  • 12 x Hit Song Deconstructed Reports p/ Year: Comprehensive, in-depth deconstructions of current chart-topping hit songs that deliver immediately actionable insights for both songwriters and the music industry.
  • 12 x Special Reports p/ Year: Focusing on the characteristics and trends driving the Billboard Hot 100, including:
    • Top 10 Deconstructed
    • The Hit Songs Deconstructed Trend Report
    • The Hit Songs Deconstructed Genre Report
    • Who’s Writing the Hits?

  • The Hit Songs Deconstructed Weekly Charts: Published weekly, the Hit Songs Deconstructed Charts provide you with unique insight into today’s hit songwriting trends by spotlighting the characteristics driving the Billboard Hot 100 top 10.
  • The HSD Wire: Published monthly, the HSD Wire eNewsletter provides readers with a monthly recap of the Hit Songs Deconstructed Charts, articles with highlights and takeaways culled from our monthly reports and much more!
  • Penn’s Picks: From obscure gems to timeless classics, songs that had an impact on music history and need to be recognized.
  • HSD Archive: Access to the full HSD Archive including all Hit Song Deconstructed and Special Reports.
  • Discounts: Benefit from discounts on Hit Songs Deconstructed events.

Hit Songs Deconstructed is for the serious music professional.
Our comprehensive reports are utilized by:

  • The professional songwriter looking to keep their craft sharp and current
  • Producers who require the latest trends and techniques in shaping their artist’s songs for maximum impact
  • A&R’s who need to stay on top of mainstream music trends throughout the world
  • Publishers and creative directors who need to keep their writers at the top of their game
  • Production companies, advertising agencies & music libraries who require compositions that are fresh, current and relevant
  • Universities and academic institutions as a compendium to their music theory, songwriting and popular music courses
  • Music industry execs who need to stay on top of what’s in, what’s out and where things are going in the mainstream music scene
  • The aspiring songwriter looking to hone their craft and prime themselves for success