Scream & Shout Deconstructed

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Futuristic, egotistic, repetitive, dark, evocative, generic, clever, cliché, unique, familiar, ultra-infectious, fun and of course, “Britney bitch!” These are just some of the terms that describe’s collaboration with Britney Spears on the third single from his forthcoming album, #willpower.

To-date Scream & Shout has hit #1 in 21 countries on 23 charts throughout the world, so suffice it to say that the song contains a host of hit factors that enabled it to rise to the top.

However, the song ALSO possesses certain characteristics that should be avoided by up and coming songwriters at all costs. Read this report to find out what they are!

Scream & Shout Deconstructed includes:

A comprehensive look at the inner workings of the song including melody, structure, lyrics, vocals, MTI, instrumentation and much more.

An exploration of A&R hit factors including:

  • Was Britney Spears the right choice as a collaborator?
  • Does the song come across as unique in the current Pop mainstream?
  • What core factors affected its demographic reach?
  • Is this a song that’s destined for longevity or is it a “hit & run” single?

An evaluation of how Scream & Shout compares to the songs currently topping the charts in the Pop genre. Does the song stand out or blend in? What’s its differential advantage?

Songwriter/Producer takeaways culled from what made the song a hit.

And MUCH More!

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