This Business of SONGWRITING
By Jason Blume
You’ve got a great song….now what? This is the first book to demystify the process of doing business as a songwriter. Learn everything you need to know about how to pitch, publish, and place your songs with artists—and in TV and films. It includes samples of every contract a songwriter is likely to ever encounter and teaches the skills every songwriter and music publisher needs to succeed.

The Craft and Business of Songwriting
By John Braheny
It’s hard to conceive of a how-to book for songwriters that covers more territory – and does so more effectively – than The Craft and Business of Songwriting. Braheny’s tome is now in its third edition, no doubt owing to its accessibility, thoroughness and practicality – not to mention all of the updates needed to explain new digital technologies and the music industry’s constant shape-shifting.

6 Steps to Songwriting Success
By Jason Blume
“The Songwriters’ Bible” — Everything you need to know about the creative and business aspects of writing successful songs. Includes thirty exercises for you to practice and hone your skills, advice from more than fifty industry professionals, and checklists to objectively assess your strengths and weaknesses – all in a non-technical, easy-to-understand format. Includes the most comprehensive list of resources for songwriters in print.

The Songwriter’s Matrix
By George Haughton
A collection of over 240 of the best resources for songwriters of all levels. This eBook examines the most useful books, magazines, web sites, and software that are currently available, covering everything you will need to become a pro at your craft and business.

Songwriters on Songwriting
By Paul Zollo
In these pages, sixty-two of the greatest songwriters of our time go straight to the source of the magic of songwriting by offering their thoughts, feelings, and opinions on their art. Representing almost every genre of popular music, from blues to pop to rock, here are the figures that have shaped American music as we know it.

Music Supervision
By Ramsay Adams, David Hnatiuk & David Weiss
The Complete Guide to Selecting Music for Movies, TV, Games and New Media (Paperback).