Creative Benchmarking: Crying in the Club vs. Havana

In this video we benchmark Camila Cabello’s first two singles from her first solo album since leaving Fifth Harmony, CamilaCrying In The Club and Havana.

Narrated by Hit Songs Deconstructed co-founder, David Penn, and using the Hit Songs Deconstructed methodology, we uncover potential reasons why Havana rose to the top of the charts and established Cabello as a major solo artist, while Crying In The Club would wind up being dropped from the album.

While both songs are very strong in their own right and were written by teams of very talented songwriters, we show:

  • How Havana was more in tune with the hot and rising trends of the day, while Crying In The Club was not.
  • How Havana incorporated atypical qualities to help it, and Camila Cabello, stand out from the pack, while Crying In The Club sounds more like someone else’s hit (hint – it’s one of the co-writers)
  • How both songs stack up in terms of their hooks, structure, and prosody
  • And more

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