Music Industry Meetup NYC January 2014

David Penn

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Hit Songs Deconstructed

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Utilized by songwriters, producers, industry execs and universities throughout the world, Hit Songs Deconstructed offers unbiased, analytical reports that focus on the core characteristics and trends that define today’s chart-topping hits.

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  • The professional songwriter looking to keep their craft sharp and current
  • Producers who require the latest trends and techniques in shaping their artist’s songs for maximum impact
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  • Publishers and creative directors who need to keep their writers at the top of their game
  • Production companies, advertising agencies & music libraries who require compositions  that are fresh, current and relevant
  • Universities and academic institutions as a compendium to their music theory, songwriting and popular music courses
  • Music industry execs who need to stay on top of what’s in, what’s out and where things are going in the mainstream music scene
  • The aspiring songwriter looking to hone their craft and prime themselves for success

We break today’s hit songs down to their core, extract the craft that made them a hit, and provide you with the knowledge and best practices to help prime you for success in a very competitive, fast changing musical landscape, while remaining true to your own unique artistic vision.

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