Locked Out Of Heaven Deconstructed

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Some artists play it safe, and some throw caution to the wind and “go for it.” That’s exactly what Bruno Mars did with Locked Out Of Heaven, the lead single from his sophomore album, Unorthodox Jukebox.

As you’ll soon see, Locked Out Of Heaven lives up to the name of the album, drawing on numerous influences including Guitar driven Pop/Rock ala The Police & The Romantics, 80’s New Wave, Modern Synth driven Electro Pop and Funk.

Additionally, the evocative love/relationship/sex themed lyrics are cleverly conveyed utilizing religious symbolism, all the while managing to remain relatively clean in nature.

Above all, it was the exceptional craft of the writers involved who were able to pull off a song that comes across so fresh and original despite its influences, enabling it to stand out amongst all others in the current Pop mainstream.

So, just how “unorthodox” is Locked Out Of Heaven?
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Locked Out Of Heaven Deconstructed includes:

  • A comprehensive look at the inner workings of the song including melody, structure, lyrics, vocals, MTI, instrumentation and much more.
  • An exploration of A&R hit factors including: Did Mars make the right decision by releasing the innovative Locked Out Of Heaven as the lead single or should he have played it safe with another Grenade or Just The Way You Are? What external factors contributed to the song’s success? Is this a song that’s pigeonholed in a specific demographic or does it have mass appeal?
  • An evaluation of how Locked Out Of Heaven’s characteristics and attributes compare to the songs currently topping the charts in the Pop genre (i.e. Does it stand out or blend in? What’s its differential advantage?).
  • Songwriter/Producer take-aways culled from what made the song a hit.
  • And MUCH More!
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