Updated weekly, IMMERSION houses data on the key compositional characteristics and industry trends for songs in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100.

  • The database is fully interactive
  • Results can be displayed as a table, line graphs bar graph for a specific time-period.
  • Every data point in search results is clickable, linking to the songs that comprise the data point.
  • For each song housed in the database, there is an abridged deconstruction detailing the song’s key characteristics.
  • Not sure what you are looking for? Go to Browse to look through all of the songs housed in the database.


What are Song Deconstructions?

Every song in the database contains a snapshot of the song’s key compositional characteristics, chart information and more. Each compositional characteristic is clickable so that you can drill down to find other songs with the same characteristics.

What types of searches does the IMMERSION database offer?

  • Song Searches give you the ability to find songs that match very specific compositional criteria.
  • Compositional Trend Searches (i.e.: influences, lyrical themes, key, form, instruments, etc.) keep you in tune with hit songwriting trends. You can view trends as a bar graph or a line graph. Drill down to see the songs and their compositional characteristics.
  • Industry Trend Searches keep you in tune with what’s happening with the artists, songwriters, producers and record labels in the Hot 100 Top 10.
  • Comparison Searches allow you to compare compositional characteristics across songs, songwriters, artists, producers and record labels to understand what they have in common, and what sets them apart.
  • Staying Power Searches allow you see how many weeks a song, artist, songwriter, producer or record label was in the Top 10 or at #1.
  • A Searchable Archive of Songwriting Techniques (i.e.: hook techniques, techniques to hook the listener in and leave them wanting more, genre fusion techniques, duet structure techniques, etc.) helps you continuously hone your craft by studying the hit songwriting techniques being used in today’s biggest hits.


What is the difference between Bar Graphs and Line Graphs?

Many of the Hit Songs Deconstructed searches provide you with the ability to select the results output as either a bar graph or a line graph. section other than a verse or chorus that begins the song.

  • The line graph displays the evolution of a trend quarter by quarter over the selected time period.
  • The bar graph provides you with a snapshot of the selected time period.
  • All data points in both the bar graphs and line graphs are clickable so that you can drill down to the songs that make up that data point.