I Knew You Were Trouble Deconstructed

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Further expounding on her new mainstream Pop direction, I Knew You Were Trouble saw Swift once again teaming up with Pop hitmakers extraordinaire Max Martin and Shellback to craft a song that was primed for mainstream success.

Keeping in line with the fusion trend of the day, the writers fused straight-up Pop, Rock and Dubstep (yes, Dubstep), that both capitalized on what’s currently hot as well as taking Swift in a direction that she’s never been before.

The result – it’s a #1 hit on the Pop Songs chart and to date has landed in the top 5 in 10 countries throughout the world. Love or hate Swift’s new direction, one thing is for sure – the caliber of craft is as strong as ever.

I Knew You Were Trouble Deconstructed includes:

  • A comprehensive look at the inner workings of the song including melody, structure, lyrics, vocals, MTI, instrumentation and much more.
  • An exploration of A&R hit factors including: Will Swift’s new mainstream direction wind up mitigating her chances for longevity (i.e. “one of the bunch syndrome”)? What external factors contributed to the song’s success? How will the song affect her original Country fan base? Does Trouble solidify Swift as a major force in the Pop mainstream?
  • An evaluation of how I Knew You Were Trouble’s characteristics and attributes compare to the songs currently topping the charts in the Pop genre (i.e. does it stand out or blend in? What’s its differential advantage?).
  • Songwriter/Producer takeaways culled from what made the song a hit.
  • And MUCH More!
Read this full report by signing-up for a PRO subscription!