Hit Pop Sub-Genre Influences: Q1-2013

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Fusion & Ballads Are HOT

Our latest report spotlights the individual sub-genre influences that helped shape the sound of the 23 top 10 songs that landed on the Billboard Pop Songs chart last quarter.

In this report we explore:

  • The 14 individual sub-genres that helped shape the sound of songs possessing a fusion of influences
  • The 2 most popular methods used to fuse multiple sub-genres within a song, and how was it done
  • The only sub-genre category that yielded #1 hits during the quarter
  • The sub-genre influence that was the big gainer during the quarter, and the one that lost substantial ground (you may be surprised!)
  • The sub-genre category that had the majority of its songs feature a duet
  • The compositional characteristics that sub-genres have in common and how they differ

And more!

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