Gangnam Style Deconstructed

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800,000,000 + YouTube views, #1 on 30 charts in 29 countries, and a horse dance whose popularity is on the level of the Macarena. This is the global phenomenon otherwise known as Gangnam Style.

Find out what enabled a K-Pop artist who was relatively unknown outside his native Korea to become an international household name and score one of the biggest viral hits in Pop history!

Gangnam Style Deconstructed includes:

  • A comprehensive look at the inner workings of the song including melody, structure, lyrics, vocals, MTI, instrumentation and much more.
  • An exploration of A&R hit factors including: Does scoring a massive viral hit spell disaster for ones career? Could Gangnam Style have achieved the same success by a U.S. based artist? Will die-hard K-Pop fans continue to embrace PSY or shun him for his global success (i.e. the Seattle/Grunge mainstream syndrome)?
  • An evaluation of how Gangnam Style’s characteristics and attributes compare to the Dance/Pop songs currently topping the charts in the West (i.e. just how “K-Pop” is Gangnam Style?).
  • A detailed comparison between Gangnam Style and its “sister song” Sexy & I Know It. How influenced was PSY by LMFAO? Quite a bit, apparently!
  • Songwriter/Producer take-aways culled from what made the song a hit that can instantly be applied to help take your craft to the next level.
  • And MUCH more…
Read this full report by signing-up for a PRO subscription!