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White Christmas: Unique Takes On A Standard

The Hit Songs Deconstructed Top 10 Deconstructed Report provides an in-depth look at the compositional characteristics and techniques utilized to craft all of the songs that land within the Billboard Hot 100 top 10 each quarter. This article spotlights some of the key characteristics of a hit song chorus.

Originally written by Irving Berlin and first made popular by Bing Crosby back in the early 1940’s, White Christmas has gone on to become one of the most covered Christmas/holiday songs of all time.

This Penn’s Pick Playlist features 15 of the most diverse versions ever recorded.  From the  guitar driven Punk of Bad Religion, to the lush vocal harmonies of the Beach Boys, to the brass driven Pop of Chicago and the smooth Jazz of Kenny G, all share the commonality of putting a unique stamp on this timeless classic…while remaining true to the essence of the original.

As a songwriter or producer, achieving the perfect balance between familiarity and originality is one of, if not THE most important keys to success.

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

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