‘Stressed Out’ Deconstructed

Stressed Out is the fourth single released from Twenty One Pilot’s 2015 album, Blurryface. Since its release, the song has gone on to become a global hit landing in the Top 10 on over 20 charts throughout the world.

Written by Twenty One Pilot’s front man, Tyler Joseph, Stressed Out features a combination of familiar and unique characteristics that enables the song to appeal to a wide-ranging audience while standing out from its mainstream contemporaries. Some notable examples are its familiar Walk This Way inspired drum pattern, the Blurryface invoking theremin-esque synth hook, and the clever vocal/lyrical disconnect in the first verse, to name a few of many.

Stressed Out Deconstructed takes a deep dive into the songwriting and production characteristics and techniques that helped launch the song to the top of the charts.

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