‘Starboy’ Deconstructed

Starboy was the first single released from The Weeknd’s 2016 album of the same name. A collaboration with EDM superstars Daft Punk, this dark, moody, cocky song struck a chord with listeners, landing in the Top 10 on over 40 charts throughout the world, and peaking at #1 on over 20.

Among the many standout characteristics that contributed to the song’s success are its potent biographical lyrics chock full of boasts, disses, and clever wordplay, an infectious drum/bass groove that locks the listener in and doesn’t let go, and a meticulously well-crafted chorus that lingers in the listener’s head long after the song has come to a conclusion.

Starboy Deconstructed takes a deep dive into the compositional and production characteristics that made the song so infectious, engaging and memorable, catapulting it into a global hit.

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