Highlights from the Q3 2017 Hit Songs Deconstructed Quarterly Trend Brief

Hit Songs Deconstructed released its Q3 Quarterly Trend Brief.  This 100+ report details the compositional and industry trends for the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10.

  • There were 23 songs in the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 and two #1 hits: Despacito & Look What You Made Me Do.
  • After significantly surpassing Pop in Q2 with 40% of the Top 10, Hip Hop and Pop tied in Q3, accounting for 30% of songs, each.
  • Hip Hop as an influence rose to a new high, influencing 78% of all songs, both within and outside of the Hip Hop/Rap primary genre.
  • Men continued to dominate the Top 10 with 70% of all songs featuring exclusively male lead vocals.
  • Minor keys surged in prominence
  • Popularity of claps/snaps held steady, being utilized in 78% of the Top 10
  • Larger songwriting teams were still by far the most prominent, with 83% of songs featuring four or more credited writers.

To download a PDF with highlights from the Quarterly Trend Brief, click here.

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