Postmodernist Pop: The Song Sommelier

Postmodernist Pop

We’ve noticed an element in pop – a growing element – that does not concern itself with these rules, much. This pop is being made by more single-minded, visionary individuals. And, the music benefits greatly as a result it seems.

-The Song Sommelier

If today’s top hits had a philosophy degree it might sound like this. Innovative, sophisticated, avant garde. Sometimes edgy. Always different. With King Princess, CHARLI XCX, FKA twigs, Anna of the North, Mr Hudson, Lykke Li, GOODNIGHT HYYTS, Magnum Haus, Allie X, emzae and friends.



The Song Sommelier was created by music industry strategist Keith Jopling (ex. Spotify, Sony Music, BPI, EMI) to bring mixtape and vinyl values to playlisting, and bring context and editorial to music discovery. Each playlist is accompanied by bespoke, characterful artwork by artist Mick Clarke (Glasgow School, Royal College) and irreverent sleevenotes by the playlist curator. The aim is to create one of the most trusted and culturally relevant music discovery sources for a global community of discerning listeners.

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