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Penn's Picks: John Coltrane – Afro Blue

The nature of hit songs may change throughout the years, but the core craft fundamentals that make them so infectious, engaging and memorable remain exactly the same.

A perfect case-in-point is the intro. Whether its plugging a featured artist, hitting the listener with an ultra-infectious vocal or instrumental hook, or employing a unique element that enables a song to stand out and resonate amongst its contemporaries, it’s all been done before, and it’s all being done now. Why? Because these techniques work – pure and simple.

The songs featured within this playlist are great examples of how four of the most effective intro types found in songs that are currently topping the charts were used back in the 1950′s.

Our article, Intro Techniques from the 1950’s that Are Still Being Used Today, shows how it was done. To read this article click here.

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