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Penn's Picks: Florence + The Machine – What The Water Gave Me

Artist: Florence + The Machine
Song/Album: What The Water Gave Me / Ceremonials
Writer(s): F. Welch, F. White
Year Released: 2011
Genre/Sub Genre: Rock


Why it’s a “Penn’s Pick”:

Released as the first single off of Florence + The Machine’s Ceremonials album, What The Water Gave Me was by far one of the most hauntingly beautiful, evocative and powerful songs to grace the charts in 2011.

The song is characterized by a phenomenal vocal performance from Welch, an ethereal sonic landscape primarily defined by guitar, up-front bass, harp and organ, constant changes in momentum and intensity levels that come to a rousing peak during the last 2:00 of the song, and above all, a super-infectious, engaging melody.

To-date, What The Water Gave Me has placed on eleven charts in eight countries, including the Billboard Hot 100 (#91,) Alternative Songs (#35,) and Rock Songs (#41) charts in the U.S. Regardless of where it peaks, it’s a phenomenal song that deserves recognition, and many listens!

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