‘No’ Deconstructed

No is the lead single released from Meghan Trainor’s sophomore Epic Records album, Thank You. Co-written by Meghan Trainor, Ricky Reed, and Jacob Hindlin, it is a result of the label’s insistence that the album needed a single, and it needed to be sassy. Mission accomplished.

While No contains “Trainor identifiable” Retro 1960s Soul and Doo-Wop elements, it also draws heavily on late 1990s and early 2000s Pop and R&B. The result is a song that both sounds familiar while at the same time charting new territory. In addition, it features stellar writing and production values that put the song over-the-top.

No Deconstructed takes an in-depth look at the songwriting and production techniques that made the song a hit.

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