Hit Songs Deconstructed Adds New Interactive Report to Its Robust Platform

Introducing the Industry Trend Report
Artists, Songwriters, Producers, Labels, and Collaborations

This new interactive report keeps you in tune with the artists, songwriters, producers, and labels topping the Billboard Hot 100 and the compositional trends for their songs.

Notable features include:

  • Over 60 interactive charts and graphs
  • The ability to drill down on data points related to artists, songwriters, producers and labels to view the corresponding songs and their compositional characteristics
  • Customizable date range filters; view trend graphs using quarterly intervals for a micro view or yearly intervals for a macro view
  • A concise overview section that provides you with a snapshot of key takeaways for the selected time period
  • The ability to hone in on emerging trends for key song characteristics such as genres, influences, lead vocals, featured artists, and more by comparing songs that just entered the Top 10 vs. those that carried over from the previous quarter
  • Dedicated sections for artists, songwriters, producers, labels, and collaborations that include data and trends for Top 10 and #1 hits, length of stay, who’s entered and who’s left, team size, and much more
  • A section dedicated to collaborations, detailing the songwriters, artists, producers, and labels that collaborated on each song with the ability to drill down to view key compositional song characteristics

You can access this report from the left navigation under “reports”.

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