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Hit Songs Deconstructed Music Charts – Week of 2/28/15

The compositional makeup of the Hot 100 top 10 was shaken up this week due to the arrival Style into the top 10 and the departure of Shake It Off.

The week’s gainers thanks to Style’s arrival include electric guitar, moderately short intros, love/relationship lyrical themes, one-word song titles and the Electropop, Funk, Pop/Rock and Retro (1980’s) sub-genre and influencer categories.

The week’s losers as a result of Shake It Off’s departure include the sax, moderately late hitting choruses, short intros, the inspiration/empowerment lyrical theme category, 21+ song title appearances and three-songwriter teams amongst others.

Amongst the week’s top compositional characteristics that define the Hot 100 top 10 include the Pop genre (60% of songs), the electric/acoustic combo instrumentation category (70% of songs), the no intro category (40% of songs), solo male lead vocals (50% of songs), and the love/relationships lyrical theme category (90% of songs).

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