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Complimentary 'Starboy' Essentials Report

To celebrate the launch of our new Essentials Reports, we are offering the Hit Songs Deconstructed community a complimentary copy of Starboy Essentials.
You can download your free copy of Starboy Essentials by clicking here.
What is Essentials?

Think of the Hit Songs Deconstructed Report PRO Edition as the “novel”, and the Essentials Edition as “Cliffs Notes”.

Published monthly as a PDF, the Essentials Edition of the Hit Songs Deconstructed Report is a streamlined version of PRO. It delivers high-level takeaways and covers the most important songwriting and production techniques for a current chart-topping hit.

Key points and insightful analysis are illustrated through charts, graphs and commentary, providing you with an in-depth understanding of what made the song a hit at the compositional level. Essentials provides you with tools to continuously take your craft to new heights!

You can either purchase Essentials as an individual report or you can sign-up for a subscription, which also includes access to the quarterly Genre Report and the IMMERSION database.

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