‘Closer’ Deconstructed

Released in July 2016, Closer was the third single from The Chainsmokers’ EP, Collage. It features a duet between Andrew Taggart and Halsey, who depict two exes that hook up following a multi-year hiatus.

While Closer possesses many of the core characteristics found in hit songs, what really sets it apart is its main hook. Lifted from The Fray’s 2005 hit, Over My Head (Cable Car), it is featured in various manifestations in every section of the song, which is quite rare. As a result, this earworm is difficult to shake, but remains fresh and engaging due to its constantly changing qualities.

Since its release, Closer has risen to the top spot on over 20 charts throughout the world, including 12 consecutive weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Closer Deconstructed takes a deep dive into the songwriting and production techniques that helped make the song a global hit.


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