HSD at Berklee College of Music – Hit Songwriting Trends

HSD at Berklee College of Music – Hit Songwriting Trends

In this video excerpt from a lecture at Berklee College of Music, David Penn, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Hit Songs Deconstructed discusses recent hit songwriting trends.



Hit Songs Deconstructed is the #1 source for hit songwriting analysis and trends.

We provide up-to-date data and analysis on the current state of the mainstream music scene at the compositional level by tracking the compositional characteristics and production techniques in the songs that land in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100.

Songwriters, producers, music industry professionals and universities around the world rely on our in-depth reports and IMMERSION searchable database to research, discover, and understand the characteristics and trends behind today’s hits, and make informed decisions in a fast-changing musical landscape.

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