A&R Spotlight

We know first-hand how difficult it can be to get exposure for your music. Amongst a myriad of songs, songwriters and bands, even if you have written the best song ever, if you’re not marketing and promoting  effectively, chances are you’re not going to get heard – especially  by the people that can help make a difference in your career.

That’s why we created the HSD A&R Spotlight. If you’ve got the goods, we want to help you get noticed.

Hit Songs Deconstructed subscribers account for just about every segment of the music industry – from the novice songwriter to Creative Directors, A&R Execs, Publishers, Producers and more. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll land a deal, we CAN guarantee you that you will be “in the spotlight” and will be visible to people who can make a difference for you.

Here’s The Deal:

  • We want to hear songs that are unique, evocative and exceptionally well crafted, that focus on the HUMAN ELEMENT (hint, hint). We want to hear emotion. We want to hear what drives you as an artist.
  • It doesn’t matter if your song is in rough demo or fully produced audio quality. The song will speak for itself (seriously – we’re not showcasing production expertise here – only songs – AMAZING songs).
  • It is FREE to submit for consideration – we seriously just want to help you get noticed.

If You Are Selected:

  • An image of your band with brief bio will be featured on the Hit Songs Deconstructed Home Page.
  • Your image, bio and clip of your song will be featured permanently on the “Top Artist” A&R Spotlight Page (currently under construction).
  • You will be featured in an edition of our bimonthly HSD Wire newsletter, whose subscribers include everyone from novice songwriters to top decision makers in the music industry.

Submission details:

  • Limit ONE SONG per entry per submission period. CHOOSE WISELY!
  • In your email, include your bio (if possible), contact information (if other than your email address) and put “A&R Spotlight – Submission Period 1” in the subject line.
  • Please, NO MP3’s. Again – LINKS ONLY.

Each track will be listened to personally by David Penn, and all artists who are considered for the A&R Spotlight will be contacted prior to having their songs appear on the Hit Songs Deconstructed Site.

More details to follow – for now, just submit your best!


*Hit Songs Deconstructed retains no rights to or ownership of the music you submit. It’s yours, not ours!