Song & Artist Development Program

Part critique, part coaching and part producing, this personalized multi-phase program is designed to take both your song and your songwriting skills to the next level. During this process, David Penn, Founder of Hit Songs Deconstructed, will personally coach you through two rewrites of your song.

How it works:
Phase I: Getting to know you and your song
We provide you with an in-depth questionnaire that will help you look at your song and songwriting skills in an objective, critical and realistic manner and provide us with insight into how you approach your craft.
Phase II: Deconstruction & Analysis
During this phase of the program, utilizing graphs, tables and commentary, David provides you with a comprehensive deconstruction and analysis of your song.
Phase III: Actionable Insight
Based on the deconstruction and analysis of your song, David provide you with actionable steps for how to take it to the next level.
Phase IV: Now It’s Your Turn – Rewrite #1
This is where you leverage David’s suggestions and rework your song. Once you’re finished, you send the rewrite back to us for evaluation.
Phase V: Reevaluation & Next Steps
During this phase David listens to your re-write and provides you with additional constructive feedback.
Phase VI: Now It’s Your Turn – Rewrite #2
Once again, based on David’s feedback you go back and rework your song. Once you’re finished, you send the rewrite back to us.
Phase VII: Reevaluation & Final Assessment
Here David gives your song a final assessment and provides you with insight into what aspects of your songwriting you should focus on to help take your craft to the next level.

This unique method gets YOU, the songwriter, personally involved with the evaluation of your song, teaches you how to look at your songwriting objectively, and provides you with David’s insight into how to improve your song and your overall craft. This will not only help you with the song at hand, but how you approach your songwriting in the future!

To learn more, send us an email at critique@hitsongsdeconstructed.com.